Jeep Grand Cherokee New Boston TX

Jeep Grand Cherokee New Boston TX

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The Jeep SUV

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a stunner in the SUV class. Its unmistakable front grille can be recognized immediately. At Elliott Auto Group, we have amazing offers on 2018 Grand Cherokee models that you do not want to miss. It’s time you treated yourself to the top-rated SUV that can take you on adventures all over the country.

Off-Road Specialty

Jeeps are famous for their ability to go off the beaten path and brave harsher road conditions and the Grand Cherokee lets you do that in style.

If you’re going on an off-road adventure then you need a vehicle that you can depend on. The Grand Cherokee 4×4 system helps you maintain the right amount of traction when you need it to help you when you’re driving on slopes or ridges. You’ll also be also to tread water up to 20 inches, so go ahead and cruise over that stream, the Grand Cherokee will have your back.

The wheels on the Grand Cherokee do more for you than most wheels because they’re made with the intent to tackle pesky rocks or logs. There’s more flexibility with the wheels’ motion that improves traction. And when it comes to ground clearance, your Grand Cherokee is ready and set at three angles: approach, breakover, and departure.

Now, while you can’t take the Grand Cherokee on a rough and tumble test drive, you can still stop by our showroom, give it a cruise around town and have all your off-roading questions answered by our sales consultants.

Enviable Details

There’s no debate that the Grand Cherokee leaves a lasting impression on drivers. There’s so much more to the Grand Cherokee than just its iconic seven-slot grille. The details have been thoroughly thought out so that the interior and exteriors flow seamlessly into one entity.

For fans of sunroofs, the available CommandView dual-pane panoramic sunroof gives all passengers a chance to take in the beauty of the world. Speaking of seeing the world, lighting is important when navigating at night. Your Grand Cherokee can be customized with Automatic High-Beam Headlamps to help you keep from constantly switching your high-beams on and off when a vehicle passes by. You can also select from a multitude of advanced lighting features depending on your needs.

Now for a truly seamless style, the Grand Cherokee Summit brings it all together with the available Signature Leather-Wrapped Interior Package. The seats, door panels, center console and more are all decked out in leather trim to create a stunning cabin.

You really ought to see the Grand Cherokee Summit in person, and you can chat with one of our sales consultants on our website who can schedule your test drive.

Go Grand or Go Home

There are many ways you can customize your Jeep Grand Cherokee, but there is only one Grand Cherokee with an unforgettable look and feel that just calls to you and makes you want to unleash your inner adventurer. At Elliott Auto Group, let us help you discover a new SUV and a new way to drive.


New Jeep Grand Cherokee New Boston

Elliott has a fantastic selection of new Grand Cherokee models IN STOCK. It’s safe to say we have the perfect one for you. Find yours now, along with New Boston’s best value.

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