Ford Escape Pittsburg TX

Ford Escape Pittsburg TX

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The New Ford Escape: It’s Time for a Getaway

Hop into the newest Ford Escape from the Elliott Auto Group and discover the freedom and versatility to roam wherever you may.

Why would Ford name an SUV the Escape if it wasn’t meant to be a vehicle you could get away in? If you want to answer this question and learn more about the compact Ford Escape SUV that can be perfect for your drive, come in and see our team at Elliott Auto Group in Pleasant, TX to see if this can be the right vehicle for you to enjoy on the roads around Pittsburg, TX.

What Makes a Great Escape Vehicle?

Whether you want to escape from your daily reality and head out of town for the weekend, or you’re just looking for a few minutes of peace in between errands you need to run every day, the Ford Escape is an SUV that can help you have what you want. Take a look at this SUV offered at our dealership and admire the versatility, comfort, quality, and ride that make this the vehicle you want to drive. Imagine the ability to carry gear, children, rare finds, and the groceries all in the same vehicle as you drive around Pittsburg, TX in the Ford Escape you chose from our team.

A Variety of Choices in the Escape Lineup

When you stop by our dealership and you begin to take a look at the Ford Escape, you might find yourself having trouble choosing the one you want. We’ll certainly take you for a test drive in a variety of models to help you make sure you’ve got the vehicle that’s going to serve you well for many years. This is an SUV that offers you everything from a simple and stylish base model on up to the Titanium trim that gives you the sophistication and power to make you feel you’ve found a luxury model to drive.

The Stuff You Know You’ll Need in the Ford Escape

Do you have a small trailer you want to take with you to the fun destination on the weekend? Would you like to have the connectivity of one of the most advanced infotainment systems on the market? Our expert team at Elliott Auto Group can show you the Sync 3 infotainment system in the Ford Escape that will allow you to have the connectivity you desire along with the Class II tow package that makes it easy to tow as much as 3,5000 pounds around Pittsburg, TX in this SUV.

Escape the Way You Want with the Elliott Auto Group

It’s time for you to visit our dealership of Elliott Auto Group in Pleasant, TX to have the right Ford Escape to drive every day. Our expert team can help you choose the right one for you and with a variety of models and trims offered, you’re going to be glad that we’re here to help you. Check out the different choices and find the right compact SUV to make sure you can escape the way you want when you drive around Pittsburg, TX or take a ride to a weekend destination to get away from it all.


New Ford Escape Pittsburg

Elliott has a fantastic selection of new Ford Escape models IN STOCK. It’s safe to say we have the perfect one for you. Find yours now, along with Pittsburg’s best value.

New Ford Escape