Ford F-150 Mt. Pleasant, TX

When a full-sized pickup truck loses 500 pounds in its redesign do you think you can see the difference in its face? The Ford F-150 is a leaner meaner towing machine, but you can’t see it in the design; it’s still as rough and tough as ever. Ford just revolutionized the way this popular tough guy is made. Lighter, stronger, and more powerful – the body is now made of high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy and the frame is high-strength steel with eight cross members. Ford wasn’t messing around when they redesigned this truck.

Progressive engineering meets technology to create the perfect work truck that will meet any challenge, and a battery of tests proved it could do it too. The goal: to set the bar high for industry standards. Your new Ford F-150 was not just lab tested, they took it straight to the roads for endurance testing to get the results that matter. From high altitudes, mountain passes, steep inclines and desert conditions, they ran it through its paces to make sure that the Ford F-150 could perform hauling and towing heavy trailers and load in a variety of extreme conditions and temperatures. It is rated best in class for hauling and towing, and it’s 5-star overall crash test rating shows it’s safer than ever before too. We could tell you all about the engines, and all the latest engineering but it’s best if you come on out to Elliott Ford Lincoln and experience it for yourself. There are so many options when it comes to building the perfect truck.

At Elliott Ford Lincoln our knowledgeable team members can help you compare your budget to your needs in a new Ford F-150 and find the perfect match. With the variety of engine choices, cab configurations, and bed sizes, it is a highly customizable truck. With towing features and trim packages, you can make this the work vehicle of your dreams. Start your search on our website, or give us a call at (903) 767-4167 and schedule your test drive today.